welcome to my cave......

hiii i am ben :p
i'm an eighteen yr old organism. (11.14.03)
>he/they/it, asian, bisexual, transmasc
>tap bunnies to go next

i like: my friends, cats/felines, higurashi, yokai watch, various anime, drawing, insects, interesting organisms, halloween, pkmn, watamote, cookie run, horror.
music: the garden, kero kero bonito, the neighbourhood, miniature tigers, MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS, machine girl, dorian electra, malice mizer, the gazette, deftones
i am critical of all my interests

I literally don't give af about kinning anymore but I used to kin for fun and to cope. doubles ok!!
otherkin: black cat/feline, vampire



meta knight, satoshi hojo, armin arlert, and kyouko hori plox interact <3

extra stuff

>self diagnosed w/ bpd and hsp. depressed bitch
>i post bugs sometimes
im socially awkward and have trouble with keeping consistent contact w/ ppl i dont talk to a lot :(
however I luv making new friends!!!!!!
if u hmu first i'd be happy to talk ^u^


>get in a lot of drama/start shit up for no reason
>under 16
>police pronouns
>sends gore to ppl unprompted
>ur into stupid shit like suicide boy, killing stalking, traumacore, etc.
>will hatefollow/stalk me
>think fiction doesnt affect reality
>use slurs you can't reclaim
>just a shit person in general

i dont fw these

>the names rebecca, kat, notification sounds, sky: children of the light, bungou stray dogs, identity v

thx for reading :)